The Tuckerton RR trains run every weekend of the year.
(Weather permitting)

With the help of our volunteers, we have completed a new section of track.
We now have a track that is 4100 Ft. We can handle Locomotives like the Hudson
Steam Engines and alike. We welcome other Train Organizations to bring any
Engins to run our track.

Mission Statement:

JSLS is in the progress of recreating in 1/8 scale, the once existing Tuckerton RailRoad Operation. This will include a continually increasing number of scale reproductions of the ten real Steam Locomotives, the passenger cars, and freight cars used to haul the materials to build this area (Including the clams for the Campbell's Soup Company). We would also recreate in 7/8 scale the beautiful and unique station buildings and key railroad structures.

We will also be workin with Bass River TownShip to help provide funds for the developement of the surrouding park, which is located in the center of town in the "Village Of New Gretna". This is a free public park for everyone to enjoy with multi purpose environmental trails marked with information to be explored.

This RailRoad, operated be The Jersey Shore Live Steam Organization, will operate entirely as a real working full sized railroad with trained operating crews and scheduled station stops. This operation is not an amusement park ride, but will be a fully operational museum of a turn of the century RailRoad, but only a smaller scale. Jersey Shore Live Steam is an educational non profit 501(c)(3)-museum organization looking for members and volunteers. As a non-profit museum, we are able to solicit grants, donations and materials to fulfill this cause. We are able to work with schools and scouting programs for the demonstrations of steam equipment and railroading of this nature.

We feel it is important to educate the general public as to how important the Tuckerton RailRoad was in the development of this area as a whole before the advent of the automobile, truck and airplane. Members would be able to ride and operate the equipment for the enjoyment of the general public. the public would be able to visit the RailRoad museum Quality Locomotive shops to see equipment being built and serviced for daily operations. The public would be invited to join to participate in all aspects and programs. Visiting the park is free!!!!
Live Steam Fun For The Whole Community

The mission of the New Jersey Shore Live Steamers is to allow our visitors an opportunity to experience the services the Tuckerton railroad provided along the Jersey Coast, inland from 1871 to 1936. Our Coal Powered Steam Locomotives, and other small trains, are built on a 1/8th scale and our cars can carry 18 passengers at a time. These Locomotives are built by us and maintained by the donations of our visitors.

Our small scale trains are designed not only for children, but for young at heart adults as well. Riding our trains is free, but because we are a non-profit organization, run only by volunteers, donations are welcome and greatly appreciated.

Our Location:
We are located within the Township Park called The Woods of New Gretna. This 65 acre park also provides hiking and biking trails.

From areas North:
Take Exit 52, New Gretna off the Garden State Parkway South. Left at the end of the ramp towards U.S. Rte 9 South. Then, at intersection, right onto U.S.9, go through traffic light (rte 679, Maple Ave) and make a right onto Oak Ave, across from the Methodist Church.

From areas South:
Take exit 50 of the Garden State Parkway North, New Gretna. Follow Rte 9 North into New Gretna and make a left turn onto Oak Ave, across from the Methodist Church.

From Hammonton:
Follow rte 542, past Batsto State Park all the way to New Gretna, where rte 542 meets Rte 9 at the gas station. Follow rte 9 for approximately 2000' and make a (hard to see) left turn onto Oak Ave, across from the Methodist Church.

11 Oak Avenue Bass River, New Jersey
Call 1 (609) 234-6218




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